Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Julia Nobis

You could basically summarise everything I love about fashion in three separate words and looks: bohemian, pretty, grungy. 60's? Pretty. Hippies? Bohemian. Grungy? 90's, young Kate Moss, and my most recent girl crush, Julia Nobis.

There is nothing I don't like about this girl. I first saw her in a Russh editorial sometime earlier this year, I think, and I knew that the way she had been styled must be akin to her true dress sense, because I couldn't see how she could look any other way, it seemed too natural and perfect. In the pictures, Julia grinned from ear to ear, absolutely no traces of make-up on (to the naked eye, maybe), and the most incredible (grungy) combinations of clothing I'd ever seen. In one particular photo, Julia is standing beside a bed, seemingly oblivious to the camera's voyueristic lense, wearing nothing less than a floor-length cheongsam and athletics runners. Swoooon! I still scour ebay looking for the perfect cheongsam (except I want mine to be red, and Julia, as you know, yours was green, but you're a blonde, you can pull that off.)

I fell in love with her make-up-free face and slightly off-kilter features. So Nordic looking, so pale, with little freckles and ice blue eyes, and that kind of big nose which she somehow pulls off so easily. She is not feminine in the traditional aesthetic sense but certainly not strictly masculine, even though she clearly has a penchant for oversized band t-shirts and loose jeans. To me, she is truly unique. She could be a water nymph, the human embodiment of a shooting star (like that Clare Danes movie, who Julia actually resembles somewhat too), or "the adventurous one" in an Australian 90's television series (maybe Ship to Shore or Round the Twist, or even that one set in outer space which sadly escapes my memory). Her personality shines through in every photograph.

When she's all dolled up she can look quite beautiful (kind of like Clemence Poesy's younger tomboy sister), but I much prefer her all natural, hair out or thrown back in a pony tail, vacant yet engaging gaze, a smile threatening to break out any minute.

Julia, as a classmate wrote on your Rose Bay secondary school t-shirt (seen in the Oyster magazine editorial "J is for Julia"), you are cooler than cool. Truly.


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