Friday, November 26, 2010

I love you, I Love You

Even though it has only been alive for five issues, I Love You magazine is fast becoming one of my all time favourites. It is so unique, the photos are always so breathtaking and inspiring. It's one of those rare publications centred around women and fashion that don't make you feel like hell when you read it. The models are all incredible but the type of beauty conveyed isn't the same suffocating, cookie-cutter generic perfect perfect perfect type that we usually have shoved down our throats, slapping us in the face, strangling our necks.

The content is original and inspiring, and the photographs are like individual works of art - not to mention the incredible magazine covers. My jaw is on the floor with every issue, and this latest Princess Issue with Paz de la Huerta on the front (first image, above) might even be my favourite cover yet. She is a HUGE babe and the photos of her in this edition are flawless and expertly highlight her unparalleled beauty. Paz has the face of an innocent, blossoming child and the body of a stallion, holy moly. I feel indecent looking at her even on the few occassions that she is fully clothed (google the photos that Olivier Zahm took of her and Juliana Balestin at the Standard Hotel.. or click here.). I Love You and Paz de la Huerta are a match made in magazine editorial heaven.  Pure bliss.

all images via i love you magazine

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