Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pink lady

The original Pink Lady.. Frenchie! And this clip is actually in French, so it is quite fitting (it was the best quality one.. not a statement of any sort.. I swear!).

Anyway, I wish I had the balls to dye my hair pink. I've wanted to for a while but my hair is verging on black, so that would be some heavy maintenance bleach they'd have to strip my hair with, and then I'd get awful regrowth, and then my hair would probably snap off from all the bleach anyway..  In other words it would be a disaster, just like most of my hair-changing endeavours.

I'd like it to be a really, really soft pink (as opposed to a hot pink), in an attempt to class up the pink hair (as in: hopefully it wouldn't clash with everything I would wear?), but I'd also like to wear flowers in my hair every day and sparkles on my face and get tiny little different coloured heart tattoos on different parts of my body all over (nothing risque, like maybe one on my arm somewhere, one on my back, one behind my ear or something..) but I don't think people as a general whole would take too kindly to that look, in fact with the sort of 60's-ish vibe I try to go for it would more or less look like I was a space alien (or Jane Jetson from The Jetsons to be exact) or permanently on drugs, with my falling-out broken bleached re-growth pink hair which would probably be fading at the ends.. And I would probably be pretty hard to take seriously, like in a work environment, and I'm forgetting that I also have the darkest eyebrows in the world which would clash horribly with the baby pink dye.. So that would be quite horrific.

But in a perfect world that's what I'd like to do.

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